Distributed Operating System for Internet
NeuroKernel/OS has arrived to change the face of the internet computing. It can run applications from different servers in one single web based workstation. Applications themselves can embed other applications as components to their layouts as well. Using various IPC mechanisms, these application blocks from different domains can communicate with each other at the client side.

Users may run a public/private Web or IPFS server to launch and share applications in NeuroKernel/OS and communicate with applications or application blocks over the Web/IPFS. No need to deploy the whole system, just your application. Applications can run completely at server side as well. Each NeuroKernel application runs in a task container. Tasks can launch or embed other tasks. A task can execute at a remote server, or can be loaded to the client and execute inside the client. System supplies its own sockets, pipes, terminal I/O, shared memory, etc. to the task containers under the supervisior kernel. With NeuroKernel, decentralized/distributed intelligent internet computing is here.
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